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Bartenders are seen as cool persons – remember Sam in the sitcom Cheers? They are glorified in many movies, think about Cocktail and Coyote Ugly. But, if you want to be a bartender you need to do more than just slinging drinks. A good bartender is an organized person and has great skills.

It is true that the more you do this job, the more you learn, but there is always a difference between people coming from a bartending school, and people who learn this job hands-on. If you go to a proper bartending school in London, you will have more chances of finding a good job in a qualified restaurant, hotel or bar especially in huge cities like London, New York, and other big centers around the world.

Becoming a good bartender is not easy, you need to do your homework and learn, as there are hundreds of drinks you could be aske to prepare. when you start following a course in a bartending school, you start learning the basics of the Mixology, the names of the various dirinks: Martinis, cosmos, screwdrivers, gimlets and so on, these are among the most popular mixed dirinks, and many other things.

Attend a course in a good bartending school

In order to work as bartender, you need to know all the list of drinks selection you can make in your bar, as well as a waiter knows the beers and wines selection of the restaurant in which he works, that means knowing the difference between the brands and types offered.

What will make a bartender perfect, is the practice, once you start with your new job, after a proper training in a bartending school, the best thing to do to serve good drinks is practice, practice and practice.

Attending a good course

in a bartending school, you have the chance to learn all the basis of the mixology, a fact that will be really useful for your future job as a bartender. To perfect your liquor pour, practice with an empty liquor bottle filled with water. Do your best in order to duplicate your speed in making good cocktails, and Never, and I mean never, use a shot glass for measurement in front of customers, you will be able to eyeball the perfect pour and it will come naturally.

Learn hot to develop a strong customer following, which will please the management as much as it pleases you. You have to read the pepople and interact with them accordingly. When attending classes in a bartending school in London, for example, perofessional bartenders teach how to do this, they give suggestions on how to be a good listener and on how to understand the reason why a customer is sitting at a bar. Maybe are lonely and want someone to talk to or just the opposite, they are tired and want to be alone.

Do your best and search for a good bartending school!

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