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Bartending for Dummies

Most of us are familiar with the For Dummies series of books. They are easily recognizable with their iconic yellow and black covers, easy to follow format, and simple, step-by-step process to help you do anything you set your mind to. Spirit Lab Bartending School can help you in the same way.
As one of London’s premier bartending schools, you can trust they will keep things simple and easy to follow. Let’s go through the steps as if it were one of those amazing books.

Step 1

Look up bartending schools and decide when you would like to take the course. Most schools have rolling enrollment. Many people go to a specific place because it is familiar, they feel comfortable there, or a friend had a good experience.

Step 2

Take the course! Remember to bring a positive attitude, a happy countenance, and be prepared to learn and absorb as much as you possibly can.

Step 3

Finish the course! Easy yes?

The above appears to be and is fairly simple, but there are a few different things that you can do from here that are not necessarily step-by-step. While you look for a job, why not practice by setting up your own home bar?
Practice with friends and improve your newly acquired skills. After all, it’s good to practice in a low stress environment, you can learn what you need to have a properly stocked bar, and it’s simply fun. You can also create your own bar menu and become familiar with how much liquor per person you may need if you are making cocktails. Additionally, you can also hone your skills as a smooth talking bartender, yes?

The main thing to take away from this are again: look up bartending schools and decide, take the course and focus, and lastly finish the course and find a job. The other bits are to help you get practice and to help you gain confidence whilst you pound the pavement looking for your next bartending gig with your newly acquired license.

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