Best Bartending School in the World

What is the Best Bartending School in the World?

This is a very difficult question to answer and will of course depend upon what you are looking for in a bartending school. However, one thing is certainly true and that is that not all bartending schools in the world are equal and some do not offer courses that will really put you any further forward. Rather than think of there being a best bartending school in the world, the question you should be asking really is, “which is the best bartending school in the world for me?”

Bartending Courses are Not all Alike

While many courses may run you through some basic cocktail mixing and throw in something niche like a Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee or a Batida the best bartending schools in the world will not just throw recipes at you they will teach you the underlying principals and concepts of the mixology and thinking behind each drink. You will find it much easier to remember cocktail recipes when you have a full understanding of the reason that certain mixtures are chosen and you’ll find a new-found appreciation for the art of mixology. At Spirit Lab London we make sure you’re well prepared for your journey towards being an outstanding bartender, the Rockstar Bartender in fact. You will not only learn a useful and interesting selection of cocktails you will get to grips with the chemistry behind each layer of the mixing process. Armed with some expert knowledge you will apply the little touches that make your cocktails turn out perfectly and leaving other bartenders wondering what your secret is. It’s the small things that most people barely notice, like knowing how not to release chlorophyll from the mint leaves when you’re mixing a Mojito, that will make your drinks stand out as a level up from a regular bartender. If you treat the mint leaves incorrectly the drink will turn out bitter instead of brilliant.

WSET Diploma & Professional UK Certification Recognised Worldwide

The best bartending schools in the world will help you to earn an accredited certificate to prove your new skills to potential employers. Our courses will help you to start your journey towards being the sort of flair bartender that will land you the best positions in the best venues and you will understand how to provide service in such a way that ensures people will want to tip you that little bit extra. It’s important to look for an accredited qualification such as the WSET Diploma & Professional UK Certification Spirit Lab London offer which is recognised worldwide. All of the best schools will offer an accredited certificate such as ours which you can use globally to show the level of mixology and bartending you’ve accomplished.

Earn a Real Bar Qualification

At the best bartending schools in the world you will not only learn recipes, you will learn legal requirements, concepts of mixology, how to provide amazing service, how to keep a bar running efficiently and much more. You will gain real bar experience so that you can be supported through your first steps into complex mixology under pressure. But most of all what you will end up with a real qualification that proves that you can do all of this to the standard required by the best venues across the world. We want you to achieve your goals. We want you to go on and be the stand out bartender and mixologist that many of our past students have since achieved. If you are looking around for bar courses please make sure you will be earning a real qualification such as the one we provide with WSET. It is very important when trying to determine what will be the best bartending school in the world for you.

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