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Advanced Mixology Course

3 Days Intensive

Who is it for?

This course is designed for either Experienced Bartenders who wish to take their Mixology knowledge to an advanced level or to previous students who have successfully compleated our International mixology course.

It is suitable for alumni seeking a higher qualification who already possesses good product knowledge and cocktail making abilities.

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The course objective is to really expand our student’s mind from a theoretical point of view as well as pushing mixology boundaries forward in order to achieve a higher cocktails standard.

✓ History & Fundamentals of Top Class Mixology

We take you onto a journey that will showcase the giant leap that modern bartenders has done from the early 1900 century. This is not only based upon the level of cocktail making or techniques used but as well as the range of product in use today.

✓ Advance Product Knowledge

Advance understanding of all the types of spirits on the market today.
We will guide you through detailed distillation methods from the origin to the final product that goes onto bar shelves.

✓ Testings and Brand Comparisons

The science of testing and methods on how to perform it.
Furthermore, we will analyse and compare several brands x category of spirit with an in-depth explanation of how they differ and what’s best to use them for.

✓ New Cocktail Trends and Techniques

Experimenting into modern cocktail creations following techniques such as Smoking of drinks, Aging, Bitters, Cooking, Foams, Essence, Syrups, Garnishes etc.
Furthermore, we look into machinery and professional types of equipment used in modern Bar labs!

✓ Ice Manipulation

Showcase of different types of ice used in the market today and play with it in order to achieve a high-quality cocktail. How to pick, refrigerate and dilute the right ice-element for the desired outcome.

✓ Presenting & Garnish Drinks

Learning new ingredients and ways to decorate drinks in order to spectacularly present them to clients. Develop your own personal style that will set you apart from the crowd.

✓ Distillery Showcase and access Industry Experts

We will take you to see and meet our Industry partners. You will have access to their production facility and they will share their knowledge on how they conduct business and their vision of the industry today.

✓ Advance Customer Service

We will teach you how to attend clients, the etiquette and standards reqiured by leading industry establishment. This will give you a competitive edge and be able to fit easily in 5* or top venues globally!


... and master prestige in-house techniques


Why you should choose The Spirit Lab

3 Intensive days of in House-training

Eight hours of daily training which involves product knowledge, tastings, customer care, techniques, understanding the modern tools and practical cocktail making sessions using uncommon products.