What you will learn in a bartending school

To be a successful bartender, it takes some savvy and charisma, and it is also necessary to know a wide range of drinks. A bartender must be a provider of drinks, a server, an organizer, a cashier, a friend, a psychiatrist and a neat freak among other things. In this job it is also important to have a good customer serice in order to have more tips…in some countries as USA for example, tips make the majority of the income. You can look at here for the best VoIP services that will enhance the customer experience.

In a bartending school you will learn how to do your job.

But we want to give you some advices, to improve it…

1. Have a Good Attitude

In the hospitality industry evry bartender must keep a good attitude, no matter what kind of problems you have in your private life, you must treat every cistomer in the same way. After leaving your bartending school, you will start your first day of work and you will be asked to smile and greet your customers.

2. Keep the Bar Clean

In any bartending school, you will be taught that your bar must always be clean, and anytime you see water or spills, you must clean it, using clean towels. When using bottles, always put them back where you got them rigth away, in order to keep the bar back straightened, this is another thing your techers will continue telling you during a bartending course: “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.”

Dispose of empty glasses, straw wrappers, napkins and other garbage as soon as you see it, replace cocktail napkins regularly. These things can make a good impression on your boss and on your customers.

3. Make Suggestions

If you see a customer perusing the cocktail menu for 5 minutes, make a suggestion. Make a suggestion if you see somebody sitting down and look indecisive, talk with your cutomers and tell them about the day’s drink specials. If there is a regular customer coming in and you see that he always gets the same thing, try suggesting something similar. Lots of times he will take your advice, because he sees you as an expert and also to show you their gratitude.

4. Memory, Memory, Memory

You will have waitresses asking for drinks after drinks, because some customers hate to have empty glasses in front of them. Memory is important for a bartender, you will have to retain multiple drink orders, associate them within the party so they go out together, remeber the drinks when people drinking at the bar want ti drink for the next round.

5. Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate

In every bartending school will tell you that a bartender must be aware of everything happening in a bar. How is your stock? Do you need restocking? Clean glasses? And many other things. When you see one of your customer’s drink getting down, ask if they want another.

6. Be Fair

When working as bartender, it is important to give the same importance to every customer, you should show the same amount of care and attention to everyone at your bar, newcomers and old friends alike. Always involve all your customers in a good conversation. Do not ignore a person as that tip can reflect the neglect.

7. Be Honest

If you overcharge, you will quickly get a very bad reputation that might possibly impact future prospects in the area and cost your job. Inflating tabs for money in your own pocket or a drink for a friend is purely unacceptable and unprofessional.

8. Don’t Fixate on Tips

It is true, that in a bar your tips, if you are in an american bar, will probably make up the majority of your income. Take the tips you are given, do your best every time and the pay will add up. Some people are just stingy and you can’t help that. Also, don’t “beg” for tips, this is simply bad etiquette.

9. Card, Card, Card

You have to make sure everybody drinking in your bar is of legal age to do so. So, always ask for ID if you have anu suspect, this ensures that everybody at the bar is having a good, legal time.

10. Most of All, Be Professional

If you are professional and give the possibility to customers to have a great experience, they will trust you and come back again. Keep your conversation with them friendly, wear clean clothes and maintain a professional attitude in order to create an environment patrons and management will appreciate.

These are some of the suggestions we can give you in order to let you do your bartending job in the best way, after leaving a bartending school.

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