Reasons to Choose Us

The main reason to choose the Spirit Lab is that you want the UK’s Most Professional and best-recognised Qualification. All our courses are designed with our students in mind following the latest TOP bar standards! Take a quick read below…..


It's Personal - Close Student / Tutor Ratio - Enjoy a truly 1-2-1

Personalised experience and work 1-2-1 with a Master. We are big enough to be professional. Small enough to Care!

Unlikely other bar training companies with up to 20 students per class, we don’t believe you are just a number. You want that specialised 1-2-1 attention that you deserve. We believe in creating craftsman and craftswoman! Each class has a maximum of 8 students per class, making it the perfect balance for the tutor to spend plenty of 1-2-1  time with you!

If you want attention. We are the only choice for you!


Train & Be Certified - FAST

The length of our training is one of the main reasons to pick us.

One day training in the presence of a Master Craftsman – is equal to a week with a so/so average Bar Trainer. You have the opportunity to fast track your Career and in just 35hrs of specialist 1-2-1 attention you can learn & master all the basic and advance knowledge!

Master all the skills that will make you standout behind the bar.


Diploma recognised in 70 countries globally

We provide a qualification at completion which is recognised in the UK and in 70 countries globally (All round EU, ASIA, AUSTRALIA USA… you name it!!)


Our International Reputation

Our international reputation is everything to us. Our string of successful alumni is our true pride and joy. Our high-quality training has been recognised and Awarded Globally within the hospitality sector! Choose us if you want to study with the very best!We are Mixology artist. Our Alumni are the most sort after in the Industry for that reason.


Quality Assured

The quality of our training programs is endorsed by our Partnership and Accreditation by some of the leading industry bodies and brands.

– We won Best UK Bar School 2018 & 2019
– We are recognised by leading Hospitality Institution:

  • WSET & the UK Hospitality Guild
  • We do work and partner closely with global alcohol brands


Affordable: Easy and Flexible Payments

We are committed to giving an opportunity to every student regardless of their budget! We want you to experience our training and therefore we have a payment plan suitable for any needs. 


Anybody can join regardless of their skills

Make a career in the Leisure and Hospitality industry.

  • If you are looking to join or progress in any bar, restaurant or Hotel, our courses are the perfect start or upgrade in your journey. You will increase your chances of employment and you will stand out from the crowd.
  • Gain a stable source of income. If you want to gain money while on a gap year or to afford your expenses while studying, we are the right choice for setting you up to succeed in your goal.
  • Open a bar-related business. We know that opening a business is though and it’s hard work….we have experienced those challenges also. However knowledge is power and learning the trade before committing onto a venture, is the wise move to do!


Come to London.......Travel and Discover the world!

Bartending is a great way to meet and make friends with so many wonderful people, to experience different cultures and to explore the world. Plus let’s face it….it’s so much FUN!

Study with us in London and go after your desired dreams! Our International or Advance course is the perfect choice for you! London is the pinnacle for the bar industry. Trust us and make your dreams come true….we have been exactly where you are now and turned our lives around!


Speed of Recruitment

While other Schools say they will get you a job – Nobody out there can really promise you a job – as many students later discover. But we will definitely guide you through your Career progression after completion of the course. Our Alumni are some of the most sorts after in the Industry. Graduate with a Badge of Honour that makes getting a VIP job in the Best Bars a cinch.


Experience / Knowledge

We have a lot of experience taken from bartending in the most prestigious venues around the globe! All the tutors have held high-level positions in some of the best bars and brands through their career and now we run a bartending school of excellence.We are passionate and enthusiastic in what they do which makes it ideal to pass on the knowledge to our alumni.



Our practising facility is located in the heart of the cool and happening – Hispter London! You will find a fully operational state of the art bar with several stations equipped with the necessary tools, glassware, top-shelf spirits and machinery required by the industry today!
You won’t be in a garage or some random basement like other training providers……