How to become a bartender

You have seen them mix and pour and drinks with so much flare and precision that you wish you were one of them. The bartenders. Have you been wondering how they get there? Although a fascinating career, it is not as easy as an experienced bartender makes it appear. Most of them begin at a much lower position such as glass collectors and barbacks but with a professional bartending course, you can be sure to have a better beginning. Becoming a bartender can be an exciting, rewarding, and fun job.

Although you don’t need a license to become a bartender, it is tremendously helpful as it demonstrates that you have been well trained and are competent. With professional training and certification, you may not have to work behind the scenes before you can get to practise bartending. Spirit Lab Bartending School is a premier bartending school in London where you will learn the difference between beer, wine, and liquor, you will learn how to pour, and how to mix and create cocktails. In addition to this, we will teach you how to handle intoxicated clients, when to stop serving customers, as well as how to ask them to leave when/if necessary.

There are important skills to master as remembering regular customers and their favourite drinks will help you establish rapport with them which results in better tips for you, as they will feel welcomed and special. Multi-tasking will come in handy, as you could be very busy with taking orders, remembering drink recipes, taking payments, and making change. If the bar is very busy it will be necessary for you to know how to manage your work without becoming flustered as well as paying close attention to  each of your customers

Attending Sprit Lab Bartending School will help you land a bartending position. We make it easier for you to get to your goal by giving you a competitive advantage over other hopefuls. Our training sessions also happen in a bar-like setting where you get firsthand experience in bartending which will help prepare you for the reality of bartending. This combined with the skills you acquire will sufficiently prepare you for your new career.

It’s now easier for you to become a bartender in any bar across the world. When fully equipped with the necessary skills, you can effortlessly make your way into the industry without having to start at a lower position.

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