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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a bunch of strange questions, here's the most popular!

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How long is the course and how many hours per day?

We provide 5 days full-time and intensive training from Monday to Friday from 10 am till 5 pm. Approx 7h of daily training (35hrs weekly)

What will I learn and How is the course structured?

We are at Mixology forefront and our approved training is cleverly split between theory (30% of the time) and practice (70% of the time)
Every day is different and we touch upon a lot of topics which are aimed at shaping you into a professional bartender.
Above all our course involves: product knowledge, pouring techniques, distillation process, customer care, the sequence of service, customer care, bartending techniques, practical cocktail making sessions…etc

Are you accredited and professionally recognised?

We are approved by the UK hospitality Guild and partner of WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) which is the largest and world-leading provider of spirit education.

What diploma will I get?

We take your qualification very seriously and we are not giving out a simple attendance certificate! At the completion of the course we will certify you twice by giving out the following:

  • Spirit Lab diploma valid and recognised in the UK via the UK Hospitality Guild and WSET
  • WSET Level 1 Award in Spirit recognised in 70 countries globally (providing that you pass the final exam)

What payment options can you offer me?

We can offer 3 options tailored to your specific financial needs:

  1. Pay in Full – 1 simple payment of £799 + Vat at subscription with no further hassle. This option will grant you immediately a seat at any of our courses. We will simply need to send you all the necessary info & ebook prior commencing and you will only need to show up at the bar on the day chosen!
  2. Pay in 2 Instalments – A deposit of £350 when booking and remaining balance 1 week prior commencing any of our courses. This option let you secure a seat and forget about the rest until the week prior to attending the training. At that point, we will send you all the necessary info & ebook in conjunction with the bank details for making the 2nd and last payment. Please bear in mind you have to pay in full before coming to the bar for the training.
  3. Pay in 4 Instalments – A small deposit of £199 when booking and 3 comfortable monthly deferred payments of £200. This option let you secure a seat at a cheaper rate and then split the remaining cost! It’s easy, affordable and automatic because we will charge your card for £200 during the 3 months after you made the first downpayment.

As an example you can either use this option to book:

  • 3 months in advance and pay regularly every month thereafter. For example, if you book in March for our June course, you will pay £199 in March (secure deposit) and £200 in April, May, June.
  • 6 or more months in advance and relax while you plan your life accordingly. For example, If you book in March for our October course, you will pay £199 in March (secure deposit) and £200 in April, May, June. After that point, you would only need to show up for the course with no further charges or disruption.
Regardless of the payment option you choose, we will send you all the necessary info and our ebook, 1 week prior to the course commencing.
Please bear in mind that the course needs to be paid in full before attending the 1st day of training.

What payments methods do you accept? Is it secured?

You can easily and securely pay online with any Mastercard, VISA, VISA Electron, Diners, American Express etc… following our secure payment methods. Alternatively, you can make a simple bank transfer in our Corporate account.
Please be assured that all our payment options are encrypted in order to give our students peace of mind and maximum flexibility.

How many students per class?

We do believe in a personal and close approach between students and tutor! Therefore to make you learn the most out of every single day of training, we take max 8 students per class.

Can you provide accommodation?

Yes, indeed and we work with an affordable preferred supplier that will look you after!

The price of the accommodation will be quoted on top of the course tuition and will vary according to time, availability and length of stay. As an indication, you are looking at an average of around £28 – £30 x night

We are very transparent and our aim is to give you a competitive inclusive package providing an extra level of care towards you.

Will you teach us FLAIR techniques?

No, we don’t teach working flair or American style bartending. Our approach is based on the Classic style combined with Modern Mixology, Ingredients and Unique flavours.

How many cocktails will I master by the end of the training?

You will be proficient in 50+ cocktail recipes following the official IBA list (International Bartending Association)

Those drinks are the standard all around the planet and comprise: Martini, Mojito, Old Fashion, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Negroni…etc

Every cocktail is done using the latest recipes and worldwide standard ingredients.

Will you provide me with a job after the course?

None of the school can guaranty you a job at the end of training. However, we will evaluate you throughout the week and we will give assistance accordingly by directing you to our bar group contacts and UK specialised recruitment provider.

Will we make the course behind the bar?

Yes, absolutely we use a fully functional bar in a real bartending scenario. This way we will boost your confidence and you will get used faster to the feeling of working behind it.

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