Good Cocktails – How To Become A Bartender

You love watching your local bartender make another one of those amazing cocktails you love so much? Ever wonder how he does it? At Spirit Lab our skilled and talented trainers will teach you all you need to know plus anything else you might desire. We have the set up to help you accomplish your goal. We have a course that can definitely help you become a great cocktail maker/bartender

Spirit Lab has the right courses to get you the skills you require. We offer our basic course, called the international mixology course, which will teach you, everything you need to know to become a solid bartender. This is best for a beginner or perhaps someone who has forgotten more than they recall from a previous course. It will give you a strong, solid foundation upon which you could build your soon to be stellar cocktail skills. 

Then there is the advanced molecular course, which delves deeply into the fine art of bartending and can make you more marketable, and increase your desirability as well as giving you the skills to work at high-end luxury establishments, which you will be well enumerated for. 

We also offer a cocktail master class. This is more of a fun thing, but you will come away with basic cocktail skills. This course is designed for those with no real bartending experience and those with! It is a great course for the girls, or to hang out with your mates and learn some skills to impress others. In this course you learn   how to make at least two cocktails on your own.

All of our courses are a lot of fun, but you’ll love this one the most because you can do it with your mates, coworkers, etc. 

These are the courses you might like to take to get you on your way toward making good cocktails and becoming a good bartender. The first two courses will get you your bartending license, the second will give you a greater, in depth knowledge of the art of bartending and the last is about fun! Whatever your choice, we look forward to helping you take the next steps here at Spirit Lab. 

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