How Much Does Elite Bartending School Cost

What is an Elite Bartending School?

Before answering how much it will cost for an elite bartending school, you need to understand what really defines an elite school for bartenders. How elite a bar school is will depend entirely on what you, as a bartender – or potential bartender – require to to achieve your goals. It is certainly true though that not all bartending schools are alike and picking the correct school will give your bartending career the early boost that you’re looking for.

Spirit Lab London – The Elite London Bar School

Anything that is worthwhile learning will obviously take an amount of dedication and effort to get to a high level. Mixology is no different. Our bartending school is set as part of real live bar in Central London. It may be a very different learning environment to a more atypical school or university setting but it is perfect for learning the art of bartending and mixology to a level that will help you stand out amongst bartenders looking to get into the best jobs in the premium venues and bars. Many past students have written us some amazing feedback about the fun and exciting times they had during our courses. A lot of previous students have gone on to achieve their bartending goals and we love to hear about the successes of our previous students. They are all welcome back in our bar to have a catch up with their old tutors and maybe show us a few new tricks they’ve since learned themselves!

Study Hard. Play Hard

Many students make lifelong friends on our courses. During school time the learning is pretty intense and students will help and support each other through the experience. Often the spark of friendship is lit. As our bartending school is set in Central London it is the perfect place to set off on a London adventure and maybe go and see how some of the top pros bartenders operate with new eyes and appreciation for what these amazing mixologists are doing. A lot of our students use out useful central location as a launch point for their own city adventures.

Real Experience Bartending

Unlike a lot of bar schools that take place entirely in a sterile class environment, mock bar, or other unreal location at Spirit Lab London you will gain supervised experience in our fully functional cocktail bar in Central London. We give you an intense amount of learning crammed into our course but the ultimate test is to put it into practice in a real live bar environment. Elite Bartending Schools will all give you real live experience on their beginner courses to help you develop yourself as a bartender in a fully supported environment. Making a cocktail to perfection is one thing, making it to perfection, at speed, with style, and with the charisma needed to control the experience that your customer has takes practice and there is only one place that you can do it which is a real live bar like ours.

So, Really, How Much Does it Cost?

You can secure your place on one of our beginner courses for as little as £199. If you’d like to read more please see our longer blog about bartending school.

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