Top Rated Bartending Schools

Attending Top Rated Bartending Schools

It is important to choose a top rated bartending school. Securing your attendance at a top rated school such as Spirit Lab London will not only gain you all the basic bartending skills such as understanding what is required of you to comply with the sale of alcohol laws but we will give you the edge when it comes to gaining real experience in our fully functional cocktail bar to put all your new skills to the ultimate test but with the support of your tutor. The top rated bartending schools are highly rated by their students for a reason!

Top Rated Schools Produce Top Rated Bartenders

In order to become a top rated bartender you will not only need to acquire an eclectic mixture of mainstream and off-beat cocktail recipes you will need to understand why certain drinks are mixed in certain ways. Without that understanding you’ll never truly perfect your mixology skills. The worlds best mixologists are well studied experts and while they may make it look simple or embellish a cocktail mix with added flamboyance to create a magic feel, underneath it all is someone who knows precisely what they are doing. It is not all pizazz there is a lot of technique going on that’s heavily masked by their accomplished skill as a bartender. Spirit Lab London will give you all the skills you need to start your journey into being the Rock Star Bartender of your dreams.

Real Cocktail Bar Experience

Being able to mix drinks and understand the fundamentals is one thing, doing it live in front of a crowd of people, under pressure, in a noisy environment is quite another. The best bar schools will include real bar experience like Spirit Lab London do. This means that you can test your new skills in a real environment but with the full support of our staff. This is also a time where you can learn to let your personality fly and learn how best to interact with people in that setting. There’s a knack to mixing a drink perfectly but to serve it perfectly is an art form. We can help you to be the stand-out bartender that all the top venues would want to have behind their bars. Service in a real world environment is an essential part of our courses.

Worldwide Recognised Diploma

The top-rated bartending schools will offer a globally recognised diploma so that your time at the school can be clearly demonstrated to potential employers. Our students work hard through our courses to earn a WSET Diploma which is recognised throughout the world as a Professional UK Certificate in Bartending.

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