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Our School for Bartenders is Award Winning

Spirit Lab London is one of the top rated bartending schools around. Our school for bartenders won the Best Bartending School 2018 & Most Outstanding Bar School of 2019 so it is no wonder we are so busy seeing so many new students through our doors every week. We see more and more forward thinking individuals who want to get a bartending educational package that will help them become the sort of bartender of excellence that can secure the top bar jobs.

Had You Ever Considered Enrolling in a Top Rated Bartending School?

Lux Life considered us to be the most top rated bartending school in London. We have beginner and advanced courses to choose from so that you can get the educational course that is exactly right for you. Our training courses are very detailed and extensive with a focus on both knowledge of products and mixology techniques plus practical sessions in a live environment. Our courses are hosted in a real live mixology bar so that as well as being able to absorb the eclectic and often encyclopedic knowledge of our seasoned professional trainers you will be working with the correct professional equipment and get to test your new skills and cocktails on real customers who’ve walked in off the street. We will, of course, support you through and make sure that you have everything you need to pass our course and earn your certification. Our examination is recognised right across the globe.

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To find out more please have a look around our website which we’ve packed with all sorts of useful information, please feel free to contact us on our chat box or by phone to discuss your course requirements or if you’re not ready and would just like some more information please read our longer blog post on our bartenders school.

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