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WSET: The world’s leading provider of Wine and Spirit education and It’s the must qualification for professionals in the wine & spirit trade as well as for non-professional connoisseurs.

People FIRST / HOSPITALITY GUILD – It unites training providers and guarantees their quality. It aims to support all our students’ at every stage of their career with opportunities in hospitality and tourism.

What we offer

We take projects on board either from scratch in terms of bar construction and hardware requirements to existing operations which need to be improved in terms of cocktails production, Operational procedures, Style of Service, Staff training etc..

We focus on details to deliver consistency of service and high standards throughout your operation, effectively becoming an extension of your team!

We will come in your venue and help for as little or as long as required offering solutions specific to the operational stage you find yourself in. We will conduct a full review and upgrade in order to revitalize both staff and guests while ensuring your outlet is positioned as the market leader for beverage concept and delivery.

Pre-opening of a New Venue

We understand the pressure you are facing for delivering a premium beverage product. Therefore we will support in developing and implementing a signature beverage concept in line with your property’s style, location and luxury status. We can provide the entire suits of solutions or portion of them suitable for hotel chains, restaurants, bars and casinos:

  • Bar operational Design – Under Bar Systems Design and Build
  • Interior design – Front of house Look & Feel
  • Local Competitor Analysis – Evaluation of local businesses
  • Concept Development – Unique beverage offering by developing a stand-alone Identity
  • Barware Equipment
  • Supplier Account Optimization – Distributors and Brands
  • Spirit list selection
  • Menu Development – Classic cocktails, Signature Cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, Beers, Ciders & wine Selection
  • Training & Qualification
  • Staff Selection & Recruitment
  • Aftercare and Audit

Existing Venues

We live and breath Bars and we understand the constant challenges you are facing within the evolving marketplace. Fearful competition and new conceptsare emerging on a daily base and therefore we would like to support you with our expertise in key areas:

  • Assess and streamline current procedures
  • Menu Development and Cocktails creation
  • Improve Guest experience
  • Staff Training & Qualification
  • Evaluation of suppliers and Stock Maximization
  • Develop service standards
  • Review operational systems
  • Mystery Guest and Evaluation of Competition

What we offer

The Spirit Lab Yacht consulting will work closely with crew members in order to develop the brief following specific team aims highlighted for improvement.

We acknowledge that every boat has different projects,expectations and targets and we will take into consideration the needs/preferences of your guests and owners to offer a bespoke solution.

We essentially aim on Increasing productivity, Choice of Beverages, Style of Service, Menu Development and Cocktail Presentation for giving to the onboard guests what they can experience in luxury establishments across the globe.

What we provide

Following those guide lines we are able to provide:

  • Tailored spirit and cocktail training designed specifically for the needs of your yacht crews. – We can either offer it on board of your vessel or within our London facility following our standard course program
  • Concept Development – Unique beverage offering by developing a stand-alone Identity
  • Menu design and Cocktail list
  • List of premium spirits and suppliers
  • Barware Equipment
  • Bar operational Design – Designing and building cost effective and highly efficient operational stainless steel bar systems,designed by bartenders for bartenders
  • Pop up Event and launch party

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