Finding a professional bartending school

Choosing a professional bartending school is very important. A professional bartending school such as Spirit Lab London will give you a clear and thorough understanding of how to comply with the sale of alcohol laws much as you would expect but Spirit Lab will give you the edge when it comes to experience as all of our courses include experience in our fully functional cocktail bar. Here you can hone your newly learned skills and put your cocktail skill to the tests in a real live environment with real customers with real-world expectations of the service that they receive. You will of course be fully supported by the Spirit Lab tutor to give you the needed confidence.Read More

Working with leading provider in the industry



WSET: The world's leading provider of Wine and Spirit education and It's the must qualification for professionals in the wine & spirit trade as well as for non-professional connoisseurs.


People FIRST / HOSPITALITY GUILD – It unites training providers and guarantees their quality. It aims to support all our students' at every stage of their career with opportunities in hospitality and tourism.

UK Best Bartending School 2018 - 2019



I'm a Beginner

None or few years of experience
in cocktail making

I want to Advance

Improving mixology techniques.
Min 5 years experience in a cocktail bar

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What our students say...

” Thank you so much for such an amazing course, I had such a fun time and learnt so much whilst doing it. ”



United Kingdom

” I absolutely loved the photos! Thank you so much for hosting such a well informed and hands-on course! I’ve gone back to my job with so many ideas and so much motivation! ”



United Kingdom

” Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the course. I found it beyond expectations in every aspect of both theory and practice. The course was expertly delivered, your enthusiasm, knowledge and passion was exemplary and allowed the week to flow faultlessly. ”