Kita Mixing Glass | 700 ml

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Kita Mixing Glass | 700 ml

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Mixing Glass Kita 700 ml

Refined Mixing Glass from Japanese design, is used by Mixology Bartender for the construction of mixed cocktails.

Solid and compact represents excellence for every bartender.

The handmade carvings on the outside give the object an irresistible charm.

the solid base and the thickness of glass make it a reliable and durable product

The balanced spout guarantees paid and an elegant flow.

The operating technique is to fill the Mixing Glass with ice, where the ingredients are paid thanks to Bar spoon trident fork 40 cm are mixed and cooled.

Once ready is filtered, it used the Mercury Hawthorne Strainer and poured into the glass.


Height: 15 cm

diameter: 9,7cm

Weight: 550 gr

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