Kenko | Boston Tin & Half Tin | 28-18 oz Copper

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Kenko | Boston Tin & Half Tin | 28-18 oz Copper

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Boston Tin balanced Kenko, plated copper.

Shaker Unquenchable!

The set is composed of 2 parts (Tin 28 oz and a half tin18 oz).

The steel used (18/10) has a thickness of 10/10 (equal to 1 mm), which makes the shaker Kenko the most resistant and compact ever made.

The ‘balanced fund’ is electronically welded around the entire perimeter, transforming it into one indestructible shaker.

The Kenko is the combination of quality and efficiency.

Suitable for hotels, Speakeasy and Pubs.

The plated products must not be washed in the dishwasher.



Boston Tin: 18 cm

Half Tin: 13 cm


Boston Tin: 235 gr

Half Tin: 170 gr

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