Mixology Training

The Definition of a Mixologist

There are many different terms describing the seemingly simple job of serving a drink so what makes a mixologist different? While a bartender may practice bartending and a mixologist practice mixology what really is the difference? A mixologist defines a niche speciality bartender whose speciality is mixing (often) extremely complex mixed drinks with such a expertise and style that anyone watching would assume it was a simple case of putting a bunch of different liquids together into a glass. The mixologist will wow their guests not only with the way the drink tastes but with everything else that went into making it.

The Fine Art of Making Cocktails

At Spirit Lab London you will not only learn an interesting range of classic and edgy cocktail recipes you will be trained and given a full understanding of the thinking behind the recipes and a full understanding of the techniques required to make each drink. Our mixology training will arm you with everything you need to go out and be the type of bartender that the best venues, hotels and restaurants employ. The live bar experience you will gain in our real cocktail bar will help you not only perfect your mixology skills in a professional environment but help you understand how to deliver quick, efficient yet amazing service. It’s a place where you’ll be supervised but will be able to hone your skills as you head towards your aim of being the standout mixologist.

Educational Level Required

Here’s one of the best things about our mixology training courses – there’s no minimum level of education level required. Some of our students are complete newbies, some have had previous bar experience, many are studying other subjects at university. Just because there is no formal educational requirement do not let this fool you into thinking that it is easy to become a top-tier bartender at one of the best venues in the world. It is not. But you do not need any of the more typical qualifications to get there. What you will need though are incredible skills behind the bar, with an efficient and well trained mixology skill-set, alongside a passion for the cocktail and hospitality industry, and the ability to use your personality to make people feel like your service was amazing.

The Essential Factors of Mixology Training

Spirit Lab London mixology training will start your journey into being an expert mixologist with a encyclopedic knowledge of a range of different drinks from artisan beers to connoisseur wines. The expert mixologist bartender will also likely have their own signature cocktails. We can help you to leapfrog your bartending knowledge forwards with our intense mixology training. With our training and guidance you will understand the fundamental process that mixologists use to create new cocktails that entice new visitors into their venues to amaze them with the taste, mixing process, service and delivery that gives people a truly magical experience. All of these experts have had to study their art to get to the level that they are at. Our mixology training courses are designed to help you not to make the types of mistakes that untrained bartenders often make.

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