Mixology School

Traditional Bartending Roles

Bartending roles have become more niche and specialised in recent years and there is a definitive split between old school bartenders bashing out drinks at high speed for a never ending and demanding clientele to more artisan bartenders creating a magic mixture of drinks to wow and amaze cocktail connoisseurs in fine venues and establishments.

Sophisticated Bartenders

These artisan bartenders are often referred to as mixologists as practitioners of mixology. Mixology, although it may sound like a modern word, actually dates back to the nineteenth century and was resurrected by the more recent trend of transformative bartenders who wanted to be able to differentiate their craft with a traditional word that would show their knowledge and care in relation to mixing cocktails, often with a specific fixation on prime, fresh ingredients.

Learning About Mixology

Mixology was all based on traditional techniques bringing a real craft back into what had become a dark era of cocktail making. Since the movement took hold newer techniques now hold true alongside the traditional but what is key among it all is a focus on quality ingredients, thoughtful creation, and a full understanding of how and why mixology works. By learning at one of the best mixology schools you will be able to get to grips with the base concepts of mixology that the guru bartenders use to create amazing future classic cocktails at top venues across the world.

Choose the Best Mixology School

Spirit Lab London is an award winning mixology school. Our mixology school has won Lux Life awards in 2018 and 2019 and is paving the way for how a modern thinking mixology school can function. Since winning the awards we’re seeing an increasing number of students enrolling on our courses to get the top notch mixology educational package that we’ve become renowned for and that helps our ex students go out and get the top bartender positions they aim for.

Mixology History & More

If cocktails and spirits are your thing then mixology is very important word for you to know and understand. We can trace the roots of cocktail making back to one main publication in 1860. Please follow the link if you’d like to read more about the fascinating beginnings of mixology.

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