Mixology School: the art of being a good bartender

Great drinks are a result of a number of factors; first the preparation, next the garnish, then the glassware that finally adds to the presentation. It is an expert mixologist who normally gets all of these things correct and makes a name for himself.

To become a good mixologist you need to enrol in the right mixology school

The best way to learn is to primarily focus on the technique, how to shake, stir, muddle, swizzle and infuse drinks properly and fast. Once you have mastered that, you need to go into the details about the ingredients, the spirits, wines, beers, liqueurs and the additives. Then learn the recipes, assimilate them and finally move on to creating your own. But remember to pay attention to the presentation because the visual appeal of a drink precedes the taste.

The responsibilities of a mixologist is not limited to just creating cocktails, he or she is the friend behind the bar. Customer relationship is of prime importance if you wish your guests to keep coming back to your bar. Along with that it is your ability to do responsible bartending and to maintain a happy and friendly ambience.

Like I have mentioned before, the bartender is the friend behind the counter, so he must have the ability to make friends easily; make his customer comfortable and give each and every one of them his very personalized service. He must remember their favourite drinks, be able to hold conversations on a variety of topics, give tips about maybe the best place for a romantic date, or the latest sports news or whatever is trending in society. It is the bartender’s Social Energy, and the ability to connect with people that makes him irresistible.

Then again an ideal bartender is one who can remain calm in the most stressful of situations. A person goes to a bar to relax, to have a good time; it is therefore imperative that the bartender himself is calm and easygoing and has the ability to diffuse any unpleasantness that may occur at his bar.

Normally a local bar is a place that has regulars and there is a feeling of community. A good bartender not only keeps that in mind and steers the conversation to include all the guests, he also becomes the connector and holds the whole group together. He is actually the star of the show and responsible for everyone having a good time.

A mixology school will teach you the technicalities of the trade. It will give you pointers to what qualities a bartender needs to have. But it is the individual who is ultimately responsible for his own success. So try and keep the company of senior bartenders, watch them in action, imbibe their skills. Learn to open up, connect with people, and start up conversations. Analyze yourself and train yourself to maintain your cool no matter how stressful the situation. Ultimately practice, practice, practice so that each time you create a drink it comes out perfect and your guests keep coming back to you.

Enrol in the right mixology school and start your career

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