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If there is one trade that is ‘recession proof’ it is possibly bartending! Have you ever heard of people giving up drinking because of an economic downturn? So mixology is a safe career and to become an expert you can opt for any of the courses offered by the various mixologist schools across the world. But do check them out before you decide. There are a number of mixologist schools which promise a whole lot but may leave you feeling short changed.

Mixology entails a lot more than just mixing great tasting drinks. Although there may be a few people who are self taught mixologists, a course by a mixologist school imparts a deeper knowledge of the profession. Successful, experienced bartenders can teach you many shortcuts and tricks of the trade that you would be unaware of if you tried to master the skills by trial and error. The mixologist schools normally also have a support and guidance cell that helps their graduates land good jobs.

What can you learn in a mixologist school in London?

A mixologist school teaches its students not only how to create more than a hundred cocktails, but also all the nitty gritties of bartending, like

  • How to set up and break down a bar
  • The different bar equipment and tools and their use
  • The varieties of glassware
  • Bar sanitation
  • Bar laws prevalent in the country or city
  • Liquor classification and history
  • Draft beer tapping and pouring
  • Free pouring and flair bartending
  • Speed techniques
  • Garnish preparation
  • Correct wine service and sales
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsible alcohol service
  • Cash handling
  • Interview techniques
  • How to make larger tips

Advanced classes in the mixologist schools also have TIPS or Training Intervention Procedures. This is absolutely essential in today’s litigious society for the protection of the establishment and the bartender. This mixology certification in London teaches the mixologist how to

  • Read the customer’s body language
  • Regulate a guest’s drinking
  • Gauge when to and when not to serve a guest drinks
  • In case of inebriation how to bring the guest back to sobriety
  • Protect guests from potential injury (approach modesto car accident lawyer for any kind of emergencies)
  • Diffuse volatile situations
  • Protect the establishment from lawsuits and himself from liabilities
  • Maintain a happy and fun atmosphere in his bar

Most high-end bars and nightclubs today look for mixologists with a TIPS certification.

Many of the mixologist schools allow flexibility in their curriculum. The student can complete the course at the pace they are comfortable with be it full time or part time. They are also allowed to repeat classes or even the entire course as well as the bartending exam, at no additional cost. The final exam normally consists of a multi-choice theoretical test and a speed bartending test. Industrial training at operational bars is also offered by some mixologist schools which help in building the trainee’s self confidence. Most of these schools often have free refresher courses for their graduates.

In recession people drink to forget and at boom time they drink to celebrate so a mixologist is always in demand and a skilled one more so.

So look for the best mixologist school and give yourself a career option.

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