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Have you ever seen a bartender in gloomy face? Have you ever noticed how fast they mix various drinks and serve multiple customers? Does that fancy you in anyway? If so then you can think of taking bartending and bar managing as your career path. However there is a difference between dreaming and making it possible. Many people think becoming a bartender is easy but you need to go through rigorous training for that. You can look for international bartender course to any reputed bartending school. You can enrol into our bartending school in London where we provide various courses and opportunities to the students. To become a bartender you need to have polished skills and with us you can be assured about that.

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Segments of the classes

The bartending classes are divided into various segments. However these classes are more interesting than any of your boring subjects. You get to learn various tricks of bartending and liquors in these classes. It is not everywhere you get to know about the liquors and cocktails. The classes are designed in a way so that it could be quick and effective. Within two-three weeks the students will get the required knowledge of bartending and they will come out as the bartending graduates.

• In our Bartending School you will get the chance to work in fully equipped bars. These are the training sessions and you will get to know about the equipment and overall bar setups.

• Mixology is another interesting segment of the training. From classic cocktails to tropical drinks, martinis, shooters and various other drinks are available in every bar.

You will get the chance to learn the technique of mixing them. It is not every job that gives such a great opportunity to learn the interesting trick of mixing cocktails and liquors.

• Product knowledge is another crucial segment of the training.

It is very important for a bartender to have proper knowledge about the wines, beers and various other liquors at the shelf. The customer might ask something about it and you must not look baffled in that moment. If it is a pretty lady asking for any information that you are not confident about then you can definitely use your charm and recommend her some other drink but that wouldn’t be the most suitable way for sure.

• The next step is to know about the etiquette and presentation to greet and entertain your clientele. Not every client of yours is going to be casual and young as people from various age groups visit the pubs and bars. You must be at your best self to entertain the upscale customers anytime.

• It is not easy to work in between so many different types of liquors and alcohol whole day.

To get a job in a prestigious and happening bar or club you need to have the Alcohol awareness certification in your kitty. It would not only ensure you a better profile but will also help your employer to understand that you will be able to stay in control behind the bar table and you will be able to control and serve the drinks properly.

How are our bartending classes in London divided:

You can enrol with our school of bartending to get trained by some of the best teachers in the industry. The on-job training, job bar training, interactive sessions will definitely make your bartending course extremely interesting. To take part in all that you just need to enrol into the advanced bartender course now.

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