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How to become a Bartender on a Cruise Ship

Bartending is one of the most fun-filled jobs one can ever have. Imagine how much better it gets when working on a cruise ship. It is the epitome of class and sophistication.
Spirit Lab is known for training bartenders for luxury and high-end establishments including cruise ships. If you were thinking about becoming a bartender on a cruise ship, this is the place to start.

At Spirit Lab we have instructors that have experience at the highest levels of the industry. If you decide to join us when acquiring your bartending license we can help train you to the highest levels necessary.

Our programmes offer a basic bartending course, but to take your skills to the level required, it is wiser to enroll in our Advanced Molecular Course. This course is designed to help refine your skills and increase your confidence to help you reach the next level as a bartender, good enough to work on a cruise ship.

As a bartender on a cruise ship, your job involves more than just bartending. It’s helpful to know how to talk to people, make them feel comfortable, entertain them and in general help to make their cruise experience something special. Here, you are more likely to spend more time with your customers, as you will be put together more often because everyone technically lives on the ship.

At Spirit Lab, with our experienced staff, you can become trained at the luxury level, learn what you need to enhance your skills and stand out. With the knowledge and skills you acquire with our course, getting a bartending job should be a piece of cake.

Get your certification, enhance your skills, (Spirit Lab has a special course for that.) and then apply at the companies of your choice.  You’ll soon  be cruising around the world courtesy of your bartending skills.

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