Flair professional bartending school in London

When you remember “Cocktail” the movie, the first thing that comes to mind is Tom Cruise creating magic behind the bar with flames and bottles! That movie has definitely inspired many bartenders to learn what is known as ‘flair bartending’. You too can learn the tricks of this flamboyant method of serving drinks also called ‘flairtending’ from a professional bartending school in London.

Flair bartending: Professional bartending school in London.

While flairtending, the bartender becomes a showman, entertaining guests while pouring them their drinks. He juggles and flips bottles and shakers, manipulates flaming liquor and even performs what is called ‘bar magic’. Jerry ‘The Professor’ Thomas is said to be the first to perform flair bartending when he mixed boiling hot water with flaming whiskey and created a cocktail called the Blue Blazer for a guest in the late 19th century.

Flair bartending today is not just used in the work sphere behind a bar but is also a major exhibition sport and there are many competitions held across the globe, Crazy Beach World Flair Competition at Cosenza, Italy, Stars War Championship at Bali, Indonesia, Flair Fearless Championship at Los Angeles, USA, Masters of Flair at Birmingham, UK to name just a few.

Essentially, a professional bartending school in London will teach you the tricks that will enable you to provide your guest with that extra dazzle and excitement enhancing his drinking experience. Some of the easy tricks are flipping bottles, pouring a drink from three or more bottles simultaneously, juggling and bar magic. Then there are the tricks that involve flames which can be pretty dangerous.

Having flair bartending skills can always be useful when you are searching for a job since the flamboyance adds to the bar’s atmosphere. But it is more in demand at nightclubs, discos or bars with loud music. But to become an expert, you will need hours and hours of practice, maybe you will break plenty of bottles too but it all could add up to a highly paid job and great tips later.

Flair bartending can be learnt either on the job or through courses. There are plenty of online courses available but it is doubtful how useful they are, because hands-on training and practice is actually what an aspiring flair bartender requires. That is provided by the in-class courses provided by a professional bartending school in London. You can also hone your skills at a job but broken bottles of expensive spirits will definitely not be appreciated by any bar owner!

There is special gear available for flair bartending, the most important being the shatterproof plastic bottle that is used for practice. It is balanced and weighted exactly like a water bottle and comes in 750 ml and 1 lt sizes. There are also bottles shaped like liquor bottles and come in bright neon colours. The long necked streamlined bottles are ideal for juggling. You can get a Floating Cocktail Shaker set too which will help you include some magic into your flair bartending act.

Juggling, flipping bottles, spinning shakers, flairtending is bartending made fun! Learn it and master it from a professional bartending school in London.

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