There are a few specific techniques of bartending you will have to know in order to make most cocktails. A bar professional training course in London will not only teach you these, it will also teach you how to make most of the popular cocktails that any bartender has to know.

In a bar professional training course London, you will learn:

  • How to shake a cocktailShaking is one of the basic methods of mixing and is the entertainment factor behind the bar. A well shaken drink must turn out chilled, crisp and of the right concentration. It is a simple technique and a little practice will make you perfect. The things you require to prepare a good shaken cocktail are a cocktail shaker, ice, the spirits, juices, flavourings as per the recipe and a strainer.
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The latest trend in bartending is molecular mixology where some techniques of science are used to change the textures, flavours and presentation of cocktail. Cocktails, from liquids become edible solids like spheres, jellies, paper, foams; become infused with unusual aroma like cigar and leather; become instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen. The techniques used are varied and evolving continuously. If you wish to master the art of molecular mixology it is advisable that you take a course in one of the successful bartending schools.

Among the techniques of bartending, what is spherification?

Spherification is one of the most popular techniques of molecular mixology. It was started by the famous chef Ferran Adria at the El Bulli restaurant in Spain. Controlled jellification of a liquid causes spheres to be formed when submerged in a bath. The spheres can be of different sizes and are referred to as caviar, egg, gnocchi or ravioli depending on the size. They have a very thin membrane and are filled with liquid. Once in the mouth the sphere explodes releasing the flavours.

Published in Bartending news

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