Why is it important to get your license or training certification as a bartender? Although it may not be necessary to have a license it can be most helpful when it comes to knowledge of the law, who and what you can be held accountable for, plus some tools and tips of the trade that will only help you as you embark on your fascinating and fun path to tending bars.

Getting into bartending has been by far one of the easiest fields to venture into. All you need is show up and you possibly get hired without much of a sweat. Well, times have changed and so has bartending. You now need to provide proof that you are professionally qualified for the job. Get a bartending certification.

How can I get a bartending certification? This may the question you may ask as you think of a quick and easy way to get into bartending. Spirit Lab in London does offer certification courses. These courses are a bit different as they break down bartending and teach you all the bare bones basics for bartending. You may think there isn’t much you need to know to get started but having some sort of certification is very helpful.

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