You love watching your local bartender make another one of those amazing cocktails you love so much? Ever wonder how he does it? At Spirit Lab our skilled and talented trainers will teach you all you need to know plus anything else you might desire. We have the set up to help you accomplish your goal. We have a course that can definitely help you become a great cocktail maker/bartender

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Sep 02, 2014

Cocktail lessons

To most people, a good party means great cocktails! Those colourful concoctions in the fancy glasses are so attractive. Frankly speaking they are not very difficult to create either. Your party can become a sure hit if you have a bar serving fancy drinks. A few cocktail lessons will give you an idea how it is done. Many bars around the world hold cocktail lessons often in a party ambience as an interactive masterclass, as do culinary or bartending institutes.

Which Cocktail lessons follow?

Unless you intend to become a professional bartender it is best to taste and choose only a few cocktails, practice making them, master them and then go ahead impress your friends and family. But remember once they realize how good you are, you will get landed with the duty of bartending at all your gatherings unless you opt for professional help!

Basic cocktail lessons will teach you how to make some classic drinks like Manhattan, Tom Collins, Gin Fizz, Margarita, Planter’s Punch, Bloody Mary etc. If you want to go one step further opt for cocktail lessons that have more exotic stuff on their list.

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