You love watching your local bartender make another one of those amazing cocktails you love so much? Ever wonder how he does it? At Spirit Lab our skilled and talented trainers will teach you all you need to know plus anything else you might desire. We have the set up to help you accomplish your goal. We have a course that can definitely help you become a great cocktail maker/bartender

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If you have acquired your license for bartending you might be working in a fine establishment and are content with your lot. But have you thought of taking your skills to the next level? It is possible with taking a cocktail course to learn how to properly prepare the latest and greatest cocktails, as well as classics.

Imagine how much of a boost this could mean for your CV as well as just adding another fun dimension to your craft. Spirit Lab offers a course for cocktail making in London. Can you imagine the benefits of acquiring the how to and knowledge necessary to work in a cocktail bar in one of the trendiest cities in the world? The benefits are many.

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If you were drinking in a bar in cosmopolitan New York, you would of course expect a selection of drinks from around the world. Similarly, if you went to a top bartending school in Europe, you would learn how to make exotic concoctions from Asia to the Americas and everywhere in between.

Some cocktails are synonymous with certain locations. The Singapore Sling, for example, is a variation on the gin sling that was invented in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The precise origin of the classic rum and mint Mojito is still the subject of debate but there’s no doubt that it came from Havana, while several competing histories all place the Manhattan’s origin somewhere in the famed New York borough.

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