Bartending is one of the most fun-filled jobs one can ever have. Imagine how much better it gets when working on a cruise ship. It is the epitome of class and sophistication. Spirit Lab is known for training bartenders for luxury and high-end establishments including cruise ships. If you were thinking about becoming a bartender on a cruise ship, this is the place to start.

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You have seen them mix and pour and drinks with so much flare and precision that you wish you were one of them. The bartenders. Have you been wondering how they get there? Although a fascinating career, it is not as easy as an experienced bartender makes it appear. Most of them begin at a much lower position such as glass collectors and barbacks but with a professional bartending course, you can be sure to have a better beginning. Becoming a bartender can be an exciting, rewarding, and fun job.

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Bartenders are seen as cool persons – remember Sam in the sitcom Cheers? They are glorified in many movies, think about Cocktail and Coyote Ugly. But, if you want to be a bartender you need to do more than just slinging drinks. A good bartender is an organized person and has great skills.

It is true that the more you do this job, the more you learn, but there is always a difference between people coming from a bartending school, and people who learn this job hands-on. If you go to a proper bartending school in London, you will have more chances of finding a good job in a qualified restaurant, hotel or bar especially in huge cities like London, New York, and other big centers around the world.

Becoming a good bartender is not easy, you need to do your homework and learn, as there are hundreds of drinks you could be aske to prepare. when you start following a course in a bartending school, you start learning the basics of the Mixology, the names of the various dirinks: Martinis, cosmos, screwdrivers, gimlets and so on, these are among the most popular mixed dirinks, and many other things.

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In order to work as bartender, you need to know all the list of drinks selection you can make in your bar, as well as a waiter knows the beers and wines selection of the restaurant in which he works, that means knowing the difference between the brands and types offered.

What will make a bartender perfect, is the practice, once you start with your new job, after a proper training in a bartending school, the best thing to do to serve good drinks is practice, practice and practice.

Attending a good course

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