Dec 01, 2014

Bar techniques

While there are some basic bar techniques that every bartender must master to succeed in the trade and also to make his job easier, like free pouring, there are a few specialized techniques that have evolved in the past decade that are geared to impress the customer like flair bartending.

Let us begin with some of the ‘must know’ basic bar techniques that are an integral part of any bartender.

  • Building drinks: Pouring drinks directly into the serving glass is called building. The ingredients are usually added to the glass as per the sequence mentioned in the recipe. They are then lightly stirred or left as they are, in case of the addition of fizzy ingredients like champagne or soda water;
  • Stirring drinks: Although stirring seems to be the easiest thing to do, in the world of mixology it is a very precise technique. A drink has to be stirred just so that all the ingredients are mixed and the ice is melted enough so that it dilutes the potency without watering it down. An important element in stirring is that the spoon or stirrer is moved around the glass as well as up and down;
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