Molecular Mixology London

Oct 20, 2014

Inspired by molecular gastronomy many mixologists are experimenting with their drinks using techniques of science to create amazing shapes and textures and offering their guests a unique experience.

There are many institutes of molecular mixology in London

They offer courses for any aspiring bartender: in molecular mixology the mixologist manipulates the state of matter of the cocktail to change it into surprisingly different shapes, flavours, textures and visuals. Leading specialist mixologists have created incredible cocktails using this technique; spheres that explode in the mouth, drinks with foams and bubbles, edible cocktails, multilayered cocktails, cocktails tasting of cigars or leather, paper cocktails, cocktail gums; the list is endless. If you wish to join the league, look for training at one of the courses that offer molecular mixology in London.

Although the term ‘molecular mixology’ may intimidate you initially, remember ultimately it means changing the liquid state of a cocktail into a solid or gas. The new twist to old classics is adding shock value to one’s drinking experience. And innovative bartenders are constantly pushing the boundaries while experimenting. They are flash freezing their drinks with liquid nitrogen, infusing them with unusual flavours, topping them with flavoured foams, making caviars or presenting them as gum or paper.

Choose the right bartending school: make a successful career

Oct 17, 2014

Choosing a bartending school and coming out as a successful bartender is something that happens on silver screen but in real life one needs to learn a lot and struggle a lot to become a popular bartender in the well known places.

The first step is to find out a reliable London bartending School and after that, you need to decide which course you want to pursue and how it can be beneficial for your future dreams. Finding out the best bartending school is not the easiest job as there are many things you need to consider before taking the decision.

Before finalizing any London Bartending School you need to check:

  • Whether you can opt for any certification course there apart from the course you are opting for.
  • Whether they have placement cell for the students or not.
  • Whether they understand the need of the market and the employer and design their course curriculum according to that or not.

How to be a successful bartender: Bartending tricks, techniques and manner

Oct 15, 2014

Bartending has always been a popular part time job option.

Some bartenders have the possibility to earn some extra money in their free time. There are many things to learn if you want to become a future successful bartender and bar manager. To become a popular and successful bartender, it is necesary to have some charm, good manners and a good knowledge of many drinks. You need to be an organizer, a friend, a counsellor and a charmer to become a very good bartender. People will come to get drinks from you and along with that they will cry about their problems, laugh about their happiness and look for suggestion for something and this, will freak you out many times.

However, you are the bartender and you are not really allowed to freak out and you need to manage every person and situation carefully.

Bartending is difficult as there are many things you need to keep in mind apart from the drinks and cocktail methods.

Molecular Mixology Courses

Oct 13, 2014

The techniques and equipments used in molecular gastronomy to create some amazing representation of food are being adopted by mixologists to create very interesting cocktails. Science is being used in bartending to create different textures, new flavours and fantastic presentations making some cocktail experience completely out of the ordinary.

Some molecular mixology courses teach these techniques.

There are myriads of varieties of molecular drinks. You will find cocktail spheres and caviars that explode in the mouth; edible cocktails, multi layered cocktails, cocktails with bubbles and foams, cocktails flavoured with the essence of cigar and leather, paper cocktail, cocktail gums and many more. The imagination and creativity of the molecular mixologists are endless.

Although sophisticated equipment required for molecular mixology is very expensive, a lot can be achieved with more reasonably priced kits which include things from simple blowtorches to vacuum chambers, ISI Whips, cotton candy machines, liquid nitrogen, dehydrators, rotary evaporators etc.

Famous chefs Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria are credited with being the pioneers of molecular mixology. They were the first to adapt their theories of molecular gastronomy and create molecular cocktails. But it was taken a step further by innovative mixologists like Tony Conigliaro.

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