Techniques of bartending: Spherification

Oct 27, 2014

The latest trend in bartending is molecular mixology where some techniques of science are used to change the textures, flavours and presentation of cocktail. Cocktails, from liquids become edible solids like spheres, jellies, paper, foams; become infused with unusual aroma like cigar and leather; become instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen. The techniques used are varied and evolving continuously. If you wish to master the art of molecular mixology it is advisable that you take a course in one of the successful bartending schools.

Among the techniques of bartending, what is spherification?

Spherification is one of the most popular techniques of molecular mixology. It was started by the famous chef Ferran Adria at the El Bulli restaurant in Spain. Controlled jellification of a liquid causes spheres to be formed when submerged in a bath. The spheres can be of different sizes and are referred to as caviar, egg, gnocchi or ravioli depending on the size. They have a very thin membrane and are filled with liquid. Once in the mouth the sphere explodes releasing the flavours.

Mixologist vs Bartender

Oct 25, 2014

Who is a mixologist? Is every bartender also a mixologist? Is there any distinction between the two? While looking for answers to these questions I came across some very interesting information.

Mixologist or Bartender?

  • Most bartenders prefer to be called just that and do not like to use the term mixologist
  • Most of them feel that the term mixologist sounds very pretentious
  • They feel the term restricts perceptions to basically recipes and cocktails and does include the fact that a bartender not only makes drinks but also manages a bar and interacts with guests.
  • They also feel that the term mixologist refers to bartenders working at cocktail bars and are proficient in only creating drinks from the ingredients available while a bartender uses his vast knowledge base to innovate.
  • Jim Meehan of PDT in New York told Bon Appetit that “a mixologist serves drinks while a bartender serves people”

Mixology School: the art of being a good bartender

Oct 22, 2014

Great drinks are a result of a number of factors; first the preparation, next the garnish, then the glassware that finally adds to the presentation. It is an expert mixologist who normally gets all of these things correct and makes a name for himself.

To become a good mixologist you need to enrol in the right mixology school

The best way to learn is to primarily focus on the technique, how to shake, stir, muddle, swizzle and infuse drinks properly and fast. Once you have mastered that, you need to go into the details about the ingredients, the spirits, wines, beers, liqueurs and the additives. Then learn the recipes, assimilate them and finally move on to creating your own. But remember to pay attention to the presentation because the visual appeal of a drink precedes the taste.

Here are a few useful bartending tips to get you going and help you settle down.

Oct 21, 2014

Say you have graduated from your barending courses and now it is your turn to join the trade. You have managed to get a job at that outstanding bar you had your eyes on. It is your first day at work; you arrive at the bar with anticipation as well as trepidation. What do you do? How do you start?

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