Learn mixology to become a popular and successful bartender

Nov 05, 2014

Bartending industry is booming and many people are now showing their interest in it without knowing the pros and cons of the jobs. Apart from mixing and serving drink a bartender needs to keep his eyes on a lot of other things too to run the bar/pub smoothly. To start your career in the hospitality industry you need to find out the best London Bartending courses so that you can learn from the experts before stepping into the industry. Your passion for cocktail making can be fulfilled in the bartending industry if you are dedicated enough and are ready for a hectic schedule without getting many breaks. Weekends will be extremely hectic but lucrative and you will get the chance to interact with many people because of your job and it will give you the exposure about different types of people, their lifestyle and many other things.

Who is a bartender?

Nov 03, 2014

A professional bartender is someone who serves drinks, normally alcoholic, from behind a bar counter of a licensed establishment. Of course any person who takes responsibility of dispensing drinks at a private gathering is also referred to as a bartender. Barman, barmaid, barkeep, mixologist are other terms used to describe a bartender. Bartending is a skill that requires learning and practice.

There are many bartending schools that impart that knowledge to aspiring bartenders. Initially bartending was considered a transitional job normally to help students fund their studies. But today it has evolved into a fully fledged profession and there are many competitions around the globe that give recognition to the skills of the bartender and rank them as per their ability and performance.

Cocktail classes: NEGRONI

Oct 31, 2014

By now everybody has heard of the Negroni. It is one of the most trending cocktails this year. Its popularity has reached such heights that many bartenders are pre-batching them to ease their production during busy hours.

At good cocktail classes you can learn how to make a perfect Negroni.

Aperitifs are typically served before dinner to stimulate the appetite. Negroni is a delicious, refreshing aperitif made with one part gin, one part semi sweet red vermouth and one part Campari. It is served garnished with an orange peel. The sweetness of the vermouth offsets the bitterness of the Campari.

Trends in mixology

Oct 29, 2014

Anything you do will be done well if you enjoy what you are doing. The secret behind being a good and successful bartender is to enjoy the job, take pride in it and to relish being the life of the party. While a good bartending school will teach you all the dos and don’ts of the trade, the enjoyment factor is purely personal. If you wish to become a successful bartender first visit a few bars, watch the bartenders in action, put yourself in their place and figure out whether you would enjoy doing what they are doing. If your answer is a resounding yes, then promptly enroll at one of the many good bartending schools. Once you have mastered the art, there will be no stopping you.

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