Bar Schools in Europe

Nov 14, 2014

Some of the best cities in Europe like London, Milan, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Barcelona are home to a number of excellent bartending schools. A person who gets his or her training at one of these schools is not only assured of an excellent job, but can also confidently compete in any of the many world renowned bartending contests. An aspiring bartender not only gets thorough training at these schools, he gets a chance to hone his skills and interact freely with experts in the trade.

Some of the best bar schools in Europe send students abroad.

Many barending students have the possibilty to go to international hot spots to experience the bartending lifestyle there. The top class bar schools in Europe first teach their students the basics of bartending and then expose them to the latest trends in the trade like molecular mixology.

The Science of cocktails and Molecular Mixology

Nov 12, 2014

Take some spirits, some additives, add some chemistry to it and what do you get?

Molecular mixology! When techniques of science are used to change textures, flavours and appearances of drinks we talk about molecular mixology and what we get is a whole new drink experience. It actually blurs the gap between food and drink. If you wish to become a part of this trend it is best to learn the tricks from a good mixology school.

Let’s talk about some of the classic cocktails:

  • The Martini: As everybody know, spirits do not freeze. Therefore to give a molecular twist to something like a martini one has to turn to Xanthum Gum and agar. The agar solidifies the drink while the gum adds elasticity to it resulting in a delicious martini sorbet. It tastes exactly like a martini, has the wonderful punch of the alcohol too and served with a spoonful of olive caviar it transports one to heaven.

Molecular mixology trends: LAVA LAMP COCKTAILS

Nov 10, 2014

An interesting trend in molecular mixology today is the ‘lava lamp cocktail’. A lava lamp is a decorative lamp in which multicoloured globules of wax are placed in a glass vessel that move round inside depending on the heat inside the lamp. Lava lamp cocktails look like these lamps and have little spheres or cocktail caviars that sink or float when dropped into a glass of carbonated drink. These cocktails are a visual delight.

A new ternd in molecular mixology:

Colourful lava lamps can be both alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails. A delicious non alcoholic lava lamp that would captivate any youngster can be made with ginger ale or lime-soda into which is dropped a spoonful of freeze dried sweetened cranberry raisins. After a while the craisins move up and down in the glass. Flavoured ginger ale adds colour to the drink and looks beautiful when served with a decorative straw.

Trends in molecular mixology

Nov 07, 2014

Molecular mixology is a trend in the world of bartending creating waves across the globe. Here, science and the art of cocktail making are married so that the resultant textures and flavours offer the guests a whole new drink experience. In molecular mixology liquid cocktails are transformed into gels, spheres, paper, marshmallow or infused with unusual aromas like that of leather or cigar or served instantly frozen.

Molecular mixology itself is evolved enough today to have its own trends.

Let us talk about one of the most amazing ingredients trending today – the Miracle Berry.

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