Some of the best cities in Europe like London, Milan, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Barcelona are home to a number of excellent bartending schools. A person who gets his or her training at one of these schools is not only assured of an excellent job, but can also confidently compete in any of the many world renowned bartending contests. An aspiring bartender not only gets thorough training at these schools, he gets a chance to hone his skills and interact freely with experts in the trade.

Some of the best bar schools in Europe send students abroad.

Many barending students have the possibilty to go to international hot spots to experience the bartending lifestyle there. The top class bar schools in Europe first teach their students the basics of bartending and then expose them to the latest trends in the trade like molecular mixology.

Bartending in today’s world is no more just a means to earn extra money but is a complete profession. So one needs to attend a comprehensive professional course to learn all the ropes and become an expert in the field. While bartending can be a unique and profitable career option, it is not an easy job.

There is a lot more to a bartender’s scope of work than just mixing and serving drinks. Let’s talk about some important ones.

  • Management: Managing a bar includes handling cash transactions, inventory management, and customer relations. The bartender has to also manage his service team so that the ambiance in his bar is fun and happening and service is always with a smile.
  • Bar layout: It is expected that a graduate of a professional bar school will know how to plan the layout of a bar, to decide on the various bar equipment and glasses required for his menu.
  • Bar menu: It is the primary bartender who designs the menu at his bar. This obviously means that he has to be conversant with what sells in his city. Therefore he not only has to have the recipes of classic drinks at his fingertips; he also has to be aware of what is trending
  • Sourcing of ingredients: Many bartenders these days are making their own additives like bitters etc to give a signature twist to their cocktail creations. If a bartender wishes to stand out and gain a devoted clientele he must know where to source raw materials which he can use for his creations. Of course the fresher, the better.
  • Interpersonal skills: A bartender is like the captain of a ship. It is his managerial skills that are needed for smooth operations. Since bartending is a high pressure job where customer satisfaction is of prime importance, a bartender needs to be organized and calm. Alcohol has different effects on different people so the bartender has to be able to gauge the mood of his clients and be able to preempt and thereby prevent any unpleasant occurrences.

A professional bar school in Europe will gear up its students to handle all the various aspects of bartending so that they graduate as competent bartenders who have the knowledge and sense of responsibility to operate a bar and make a success of it.

Among the bar schools in Europe, choose The Spirit Lab in London.