Bartending for Dummies

Dec 30, 2015

Most of us are familiar with the For Dummies series of books. They are easily recognizable with their iconic yellow and black covers, easy to follow format, and simple, step-by-step process to help you do anything you set your mind to. Spirit Lab Bartending School can help you in the same way. As one of London’s premier bartending schools, you can trust they will keep things simple and easy to follow. Let’s go through the steps as if it were one of those amazing books.

Bar school in London, the Best Bartender Course

Dec 23, 2015

London is known for its rich culture, warm and welcoming people as well as serene atmosphere. One of the biggest attributes of London is that it never goes to sleep. The city is very vibrant both day and night. The catering and hospitality industry is one that continues to thrive. In this city you will find some of the best high end hotels and restaurants in the world. These world class hotels have bars that need professional bartenders to do the job. It is no wonder that London is one of the most visited cities in the world. The bars in this city are world class, the clients as well, and thus when working as a bartender the demands will be over the roof.

Elite Bartending School

Dec 15, 2015

Spirit Labs is an elite bartending school in London. Although there are plenty of schools in London, we are in the upper echelon. What makes a bartending school elite, you ask? Just ask our satisfied customers and former students. Location: London is one of the world’s best playgrounds, what better place to learn your craft than here? You’ve got sophistication, diversity, and endless opportunities to express yourself creatively.

How to become a bartender

Nov 24, 2015

You have seen them mix and pour and drinks with so much flare and precision that you wish you were one of them. The bartenders. Have you been wondering how they get there? Although a fascinating career, it is not as easy as an experienced bartender makes it appear. Most of them begin at a much lower position such as glass collectors and barbacks but with a professional bartending course, you can be sure to have a better beginning. Becoming a bartender can be an exciting, rewarding, and fun job.

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