School and Trainers


Our head office is located in a brand new building in which we sometimes host the theoretical aspect of the course, however the practicing facility is located in the heart of the cool and Hipster Notthing Hill!

In this prestigious location, our state of the art bar has several stations equipped with all the necessary tools , glassware, top shelf spirits and machinery required by the industry today.
All these elements aim to mould professional bartenders with the skills and confidence to work in the best establishments in the world.


The Spirit Lab trainers are top of the range professionals with extensive experience in some of the world’s top establishments. Each of our tutors has more than 10 years experience in high-end bars, private members clubs and luxury hotels around the world.

These trainers don’t show up to lecture you on bartending theories!

Yes, they know the theory, but more importantly they have practiced what they will teach you for years. They’ve tried out different techniques and have a finger on the pulse of the cocktail world.

Booking one of our programs gives you a chance to get a piece of this professional wealth and will put you in an exclusive league of world-class bartenders!