Cocktail making London

If you have acquired your license for bartending you might be working in a fine establishment and are content with your lot. But have you thought of taking your skills to the next level? It is possible with taking a cocktail course to learn how to properly prepare the latest and greatest cocktails, as well as classics.

Imagine how much of a boost this could mean for your CV as well as just adding another fun dimension to your craft. Spirit Lab offers a course for cocktail making in London. Can you imagine the benefits of acquiring the how to and knowledge necessary to work in a cocktail bar in one of the trendiest cities in the world? The benefits are many.

Let’s start with the most obvious, having this certification can help you with salary negotiations, as you have paper acknowledgement of your skills. Salary aside, it can also provide you with more tips, as you can create and serve a cocktail with a bit more pizazz, and this can create interest, and thusly resulting in better tips, which will boost your income as well.

Second, with this addition to your bartending repertoire you could also hire out your services and participate in the trendy cocktail hours for hen nights, special evenings at bars and restaurants, and special occasion events. The holidays are an excellent time for you to showcase your skills with an abundance of people looking for the latest and greatest.

Third and lastly, the history lesson you get with the origin of each cocktail, why it exists, the source of the names, and why certain liquors are used or not, is interesting and useful information, making you the life of the party and giving you the edge when it comes to obscure and unknown information. Imagine how great you would be at trivia night!

So, you’ve got a possible increase in your salary, diversification of your CV, and becoming the most interesting person in the room with your knowledge. Why not take the course? Spirit Lab can help!

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