Bartending schools in Europe

During the last decade or so, bartending has emerged as a great career option. Many aspiring bartenders today therefore go to a professional bartending course to learn the trade. There are a number of great bartending schools in Europe that impart comprehensive knowledge about the trade. They not only teach the students recipes of classic and modern cocktails but also gear them to become responsible bartenders who have the confidence to set up and manage a good bar and make a success of it.

About bartending schools in Europe:

There are many tips in the life of a bartender that go beyond what the curriculum of any of the bartending schools in Europe actually teach. Let us discuss a few of these.

  • All experts unanimously agree that ultimately this trade is about guest experience; all guests should leave feeling better than when they walked into the bar. So that is what all bartenders should focus on; creating a fun atmosphere in their bar and working towards customer satisfaction. The drinks should be perfect and the bartender himself should become the friend behind the counter of all his guests. His shoulder is the one the customer should be able to cry on, he should be able to advise them on what is trending or the best place to take a girl on a date. Even a simple eye contact, a greeting and a goodbye will make them happy.

  • The next point they firmly believe in, is the knowledge of all the spirits, beers and wines. Any bartender should know the taste of all the liquors he wishes to have in his bar. He should study and research each of them so that he can compare and contrast them. Only then can he talk about them to his guests. He also needs to understand everything about the contents of his back bar; the flavour, the texture, the aroma, the chemistry of food and thereby be able to pair liquor, additives and garnishes to create unique cocktails.
  • Organizational skill is a very important prerequisite of all bartenders agree the experts. Bartending is a fast paced, high pressure job and it is only an organized bartender who will be able to do the balancing act of creating and serving drinks, keeping tabs on servers, guests as well as on cash.
  • All successful experienced bartenders emphasize on the use of the freshest of ingredients in their cocktails. Their advice is to always source local ingredients and think of innovative ways to preserve and use them.
  • Ultimately a successful bartender is one who is passionate about the trade and takes pride in what he does and he has to be a ‘people person’ who can respond to his guests’ mood and make them feel welcome and comfortable all the time.

If you are as passionate about bartending and believe that it is your calling, take a course at a bartending school in Europe, learn the basics thoroughly, and hone your skills by practicing constantly. Remember to open up and interact with your guests, make each and every one of them feel special and you will have them coming back to your bar for more.

Among the bartending schools in Europe, choose The Spirit Lab in London.

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