Bartending License/Training Certification

Why is it important to get your license or training certification as a bartender? Although it may not be necessary to have a license it can be most helpful when it comes to knowledge of the law, who and what you can be held accountable for, plus some tools and tips of the trade that will only help you as you embark on your fascinating and fun path to tending bars.


The first and possibly the main reason you’ll want to get licensed and trained is these courses will teach you the laws pertaining to alcohol in your region or location. Laws can vary depending upon where you are. A course can help teach you to how to cut someone off when they’ve had too much, as well as how to manage angry customers, or perhaps a group that is a little rambunctious. As well as the dry legal stuff, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from a professional bartender.

Most bartending courses are taught by former bartenders. They can teach you some cool tricks of the trade. Maybe help teach you a few shortcuts and help you learn to manage your time behind the bar as they will be able to give you a clear sense of what to expect. In short, they are a great resource for teaching you what a day in the life would be like.


When you’re taking a bartending course, you get to practice in an environment that is generally just like a bar, but because it is in a classroom setting, you have the time to really learn what you are doing and you won’t have the stress of trying to deal with customers that you may not be ready for. This is key as over the course of the classes your confidence will grow and then you can focus on really knowing your trade and this will eventually allow you to showcase your personality!

As said before, it may not be absolutely necessary to get your license/training certification, but the benefits are worth it. If you are worried about the cost, once you are working, you will get your money back as it isn’t very expensive and your training will allow you to work a higher paying position as bartender as you will have proven that you know what you are doing.

Training and certification in bartending is a hat of honour that every passionate bartender should wear with confidence. This sets you apart as a qualified professional bartender.

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