Bar professional training course London: Techniques of bartending

There are a few specific techniques of bartending you will have to know in order to make most cocktails. A bar professional training course in London will not only teach you these, it will also teach you how to make most of the popular cocktails that any bartender has to know.

In a bar professional training course London, you will learn:

  • How to shake a cocktail
    Shaking is one of the basic methods of mixing and is the entertainment factor behind the bar. A well shaken drink must turn out chilled, crisp and of the right concentration. It is a simple technique and a little practice will make you perfect. The things you require to prepare a good shaken cocktail are a cocktail shaker, ice, the spirits, juices, flavourings as per the recipe and a strainer.

  • How to stir a drink
    Although stirring looks easy, in mixology the whole idea is to do it slowly and steadily so as to chill the drink without melting the ice too much and diluting the drink. Normally distilled spirits need to be stirred like Martinis and Manhattans. A cocktail should not be stirred for more than 20-30 seconds.
  • How to strain a drink
    Any mixed drink whether shaken or stirred needs to be strained. It is basically so as to remove ice cubes or ingredients like mint leaves from the finished drink. A three-piece cocktail shaker is the easiest equipment to strain a drink, but you must always remember to hold the lid with your fingers while pouring since it can and does slip out. You can also use a Hawthorne strainer or a Julep strainer.
  • How to blend a cocktail
    Creating a perfectly blended cocktail each and every time requires practice and patience. It is best to put in all your ingredients into the blender jar first before adding the ice. You should begin by either using the pulse mode or a slower speed before finishing at high speed. It is advisable to stir the drink with a tall spoon after blending. Remember to hold down the lid of the jar while blending so that the drink does not splatter.
  • How to muddle a drink
    The pestle shaped muddler is an integral part of any bar. The thick end is used to mash ingredients in a mixing glass while the tall thin end is used for mixing the drink. Ideally a wooden muddler should be used for herbs and leaves while a plastic toothed one for fruits.
  • How to roll a drink
    This technique is typically used when there are two or three ingredients. The mix is gently poured from one glass to another with ice so that the drink chills without getting diluted or incorporating too much air.
  • How to layer a drink
    You have to keep in mind the specific gravity of the ingredients while layering drinks. Normally the back of a bar spoon is used to pour the liquid that is to be floated on ingredients already in the glass. A layered drink should never be mixed and each layer should sit clean on the other.
  • How to build a drink
    When the ingredients are poured directly into the serving glass it is known as building a drink. The ingredients are added to the glass in the sequence specified in the recipe.

None of the techniques of cocktail mixing are complicated, but they all require practice. Once you master them you will be able to serve up perfect drinks each and every time.

A bar professional training course in London will help you achieve just that.

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