Bar Consultancy Services

Specialist Service by Experienced Professionals & Industry Experts

Bar Consultancy Services are set up by leading & experienced hospitality professionals to provide a range of bespoke bar services that can more comprehensively fulfil the unique demands of each clients project. A top-rated bar consultancy service such as Spirit Lab London can help you to turn your dream into a reality whether you’re looking to sprinkle some magic over your new venue concept or you’re aiming to rebrand or refresh your current business we can help you to succeed.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Why not take advantage of our expertise and dig into our bartending wisdom to see what we could do to make your business stand out from the crowd. We love discussing and working with new clients in need of bar consultancy services. We have a longer blog post discussing in more detail all that you can get from a such as our bar consultancy services.

Comprehensive Range of Consultancy Services

Spirit Lab London has a comprehensive array of consultancy services on offer to make us the one-stop shop that you need. If you want to reinvent your current business or re-theme your venue we can work with you and help you to improve your ideas to give you something to really hook in new customers. Our experts can give you some great industry advice on any of the core bar components to elevate you above your competitors and give your whole business a brand new feel.

Consistent High Standards

You may need something as simple as a brand new cocktail menu and are struggling to find that little bit of sparkle that will excite and amaze your clientele or you may need us to do a complete work-through of your existing operation to bring everyone up to the high standard you expect of them when representing your business. Creating high-end cocktails consistently while maintaining the perfect serve and perfect delivery, especially when staff are under pressure, takes a level of training and dedication which we can help you to deliver right across your brand.

Bar Consultancy Services:

  • New Venue Consultancy
  • Existing Concept Consultancy
  • creation and implementation of a signature beverage or cocktail
  • Operational Systems & Solutions
  • Bar Operation & Design
  • Interior Designing
  • Analysis of Local Competitors
  • Developing New Concepts
  • Equipping Your Bar
  • Optimising Your Suppliers
  • Selecting Your Spirit List
  • Developing Your Menu
  • Training, Certification & Qualifications
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Auditing and Aftercare

Spirit Lab Bar Consultancy

Contact us today and we can make a plan to help you create the bar or venue that you’re currently dreaming of. We can help make your dream a reality with our services for bar consultancy.

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