Advanced Mixology Classes

Definition of Mixology

Mixology defines the practice of the mixologist. It is about creating and wonderfully serving a range of incredible, often complex, alcoholic (sometimes non-alcoholic) mixed drinks in all sorts of different venues from bars to restaurants to hotels and beyond. While the mixology role will definitely cover off making a range of classic and modern mixed cocktail drinks the more that a mixologist knows the greater the opportunity that will be in front of them. With a knowledge of fine wines and beers along with knowledge of mixology at it’s base concept level and an encyclopedic knowledge of spirits and mixers, the mixologist can start to work on concocting future classic cocktails that will wow generations of drinkers for years to come. With the right training and dedication perhaps it will be one of your cocktails that end up on everyone’s list in the future.

The Charm of the Bartender

In our advanced mixology classes you will learn expert service techniques and learn to apply simple things to manage out client expectations and ultimately amaze the person you are serving. A great mixologist bartender will know when to use their charm in full force but also knows when they should really be listening.

Experienced Bartenders

Take your knowledge to the next level on our advanced course. We’re looking for people who already know mixology to a high level or for previous students who’ve completed one of our international mixology courses. It’s a perfect course for those looking to increase their qualifications and who already have great product knowledge and cocktail skills.

History of Mixology

On our advanced course we take you on a journey from the 1900’s and step through a range of traditional techniques to bring you up to how modern bartenders work. This is a really useful process to learn the history of mixology and why it has evolved in the way that it has. A lot of the limiting factors throughout history have been the ingredients available and even modern cocktails are a reflection of the times in this way too.

Gain an Advanced Understanding

How much do you know about all the spirits on the shelf behind your bar? Our advanced course looks through all of the types of spirits available today and steps through the entire procedure from origin, a detailed look at the distillation process, and how it ends up as the final product that we stock in our bars. This full knowledge may lead you in all sorts of interesting thought processes about how to create your own magic cocktails.

Advanced Scientific Testing

We help you to understand the science of testing by comparing a number of brands in a category of spirit with an extensive explanation of how to differentiate the data, what it all means, and how this tells you the best way to use them.

Cocktail Experimentation

We love to experiment! After all that’s what advanced mixology is all about. You can learn all the theory but there’s nothing quite like practical experience. We step you through the best way to play with modern cocktail methodology and techniques like using syrups or garnishes, adding essence, cooking, using bitters, ageing and our favourite – the smoking of drinks. We have a fully stacked out bar with all modern machinery and the professional equipment you would expect to find in any top bar lab. This means we can really give you hands on experience while we coach you through the processes.

Working with Ice

There’s a range of different types of ice used across the market nowadays so we teach you how to play with it to make the perfect cocktail that you were aiming for. We teach a range of techniques in how to pick out, dilute and refrigerate ice elements to create the amazement you want.

Develop Your Personal Style

We will give you many of our trade secrets during our courses. We can teach you a range of new ingredients that you can use to creatively adorn your drinks so that when they are presented they have an added wow factor that will start to define your personal style and help elevate you above other bartenders.

Meet Our Friends

Our industry partners love meeting students on our advanced courses. You will get access to their facilities and they will network with you and share some of their thoughts about their business and their vision of the industry today as well as where they believe it is heading. It is a fascinating part of our advance mixology course.

Five Star Venue Service

As a mixologist bartender, as well as being able to mix cocktails and serve them in such a way to amaze your guests you will be expected to use your personality within the boundaries set up by the establishment. We will teach you the best ways to attend to your clients and the standards of etiquette that all leading establishments will expect. This will make you a good fit for any five star or other top venue right across the world.

Find Out More

To find out more please have a look around our website which we’ve packed with all sorts of useful information, please feel free to contact us on our chat box or by phone to discuss your course requirements or if you’re not ready and would just like some more information please read our longer blog post on mixology classes.

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